Why I love the Tarot

I’ve been a Tarot reader and teacher for probably more than 10 years now. Even though I don’t use the Tarot when doing my readings with clients, I still love my tarot and love to use them every day.

I’ve always been drawn to their authentic energy, their pictures, the symbolism within each card, and then I’m always surprised how accurate they are!!

You can ask any of my past Tarot students, one thing I keep saying is:- “The Tarot never lies!” And I’m reminded of this all the time. Even when I look at the cards and have a ‘wtf’ moment, when I get over myself and really look at the cards, the truth that lies there is mind-blowing.

I’m also a bit of a Tarot Addict! I have more Tarot Decks than I’ll ever really be able to use but I just keep buying more. When I see someone is using a deck that has beautiful imagery, colours or theme, I just have to buy myself a copy! I spend a lot of my free time on various Tarot blogs reading about different decks and everyone’s opinions on them. Sometimes I’ve even bought a deck just because the reviews were interesting and some loved and some hated it!

Just yesterday I was asked how many decks I currently own and my answer was “I don’t know”… heehee I think I’m afraid to actually count because then I really have to admit my addiction.

But getting back to why I love the Tarot…. I love the tarot because it’s an honest, truthful tool to use to connect to your own inner intuition. It gives you courage, confidence and tools that you can use every day, without judgement! The Tarot is a tool of life! The Tarot helps you look at situations without emotion and without drama. It helps you to see the real story so you can understand it and fix it.

The Tarot is creative too. There are so many different ways you can use them and even after so many years of reading the tarot, I learn something new about it every day! I love that!!!

I love how everyone has their own interpretations but that actually they all come back to the same meaning. I love that we all see and respond differently to the different symbols in the different decks.

Tarot is a language all on its own. And its a language of truth, integrity, and unbiased validation!

Favourite decks.png


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