TarotScope 4 – 10 June

It’s that time of the week again, time to see what’s in store for us all for the coming week. Thank you to everyone who’s sent messages telling me how much you are enjoying these weekly TarotScopes and I’m thrilled to hear that they are helping you through.

I had someone last week who found herself in a really difficult situation and she didn’t know how to proceed. She went and looked up her TarotScope again and suddenly the answer was clear. ❤ I love stories like that!!!!

This weeks overall feel is a bit easier than last week’s so it shows that we are all getting in control of our situations and we can enjoy an easier week. But hard work and focus is always required.

Lets get straight into it… This week I’ve chosen to use my “goto” deck which is the Gilded Tarot. This is the deck I teach with, and its my goto when doing tarot readings. I find this deck’s images modern without losing the originality of the Tarot. Their images are bold, strong and yet gentle and often their message is quite clear without having to think too deeply about the card :-

4-10 June


Aries: The Moon indicates a time of uncertainty. A time where you may need to climb out of your comfort zone and face the truth. Time of reflection and facing your fears. You need to look deep within your own heart & soul to find your own truth. Dont be afraid because if you do this, your rewards will be big.

Taurus: Knight of Wands tells us that you are dedicated, focused and working hard on something. This is a good week to make good progress. There will be rapid breakthrough’s if you are courageous and strong, but make sure you are not holding onto anything that is not serving your purpose right now.

Gemini: Queen of Cups is telling you that this is a good week to be mindful of those around you. Try not upset the apple cart this week. Dont let yourself get emotionally drawn into any situation. If you are making any financial considerations this week, rather be prudent and save instead of spending or investing.

CancerNine of Cups wants you to celebrate a job well done. This is a very positive card and it refers to a completed project and that sometimes we have had to make a compromise before the end. Acknowledge your success and celebrate them this week. A week to complete and celebrate all the things you’ve been putting off for a while now..

Leo: Page of Swords wants you to slow down and be more prepared. Try to understand exactly what is expected of you before jumping into action. Rather take the time to learn, study and truly understand any situation before you start anything new. Diving straight in will lead to a few bumps and bruises this week. 

Virgo: Three of Pentacles indicates a time when you must learn new skills and demonstrate your ability to use these skills. This could be in any area of your life. You need to show everyone exactly what you have mastered over the last while. Stand firm and confident in all you’ve achieved and don’t be afraid to ‘show off’ a little.

Libra: Knight of Swords is not a big thinker but rather the kind of soul who just wants to jump in and get busy. So this week this is exactly how you should tackle situations…. Just jump in and get busy, dont over think or plan. Even if it feels like you are burning bridges – just keep going because that is exactly how you need to progress through the obstacles and challenges facing you this week.

Scorpio: King of Wands knows exactly what to do, how to do it, and when it should be done. The King is all about delegation and fulfilling the vision. Be authentic and true to yourself, your quest/vision and your goals and you will enjoy success this week. Dont be afraid, nervous, and make sure you don’t show any signs of doubt. Taking control of all you do will lead you to success.

Sagittarius: Two of Pentacles wants you to be a little more aware of your financial situation this week. Pay attention to anything that needs your attention. You may need to do some juggling this week. Before embarking on anything, weigh up the pro’s and con’s to ensure that it is worth the effort. There are many changing occurring for you right now but you have the ability to manage them.

Capricorn: The Magician says its time to organise and clear out your environment. Its time to manage our immediate environment. Make sure you have all your resources gathered and ready, and know in which direction you want to go. You can channel grand visions into realistic manifestations this week.

Aquarius: Ace of Wands is all about high energy and inspiration. It shows new opportunities will be coming your way this week and you need to be independent in all that you do. Dont wait for others to lead, take the lead yourself. Be the strong independent thinker you are meant to be.

Pisces: Five of Swords tells you that you need to remain uninvolved in the arguments of others. No matter what the situation, you become what you surround yourself with; if you stoop to the levels of others, you will be lowering yourself. There is no benefit in engaging with others at this time. Rather stay clear and stay unaffected by their actions. There will be other opportunities for you to get involved, this week is not a good time for that.

I hope you got the message you need this week. Look out for the Daily Guidance video’s which will be uploaded onto Facebook & Instagram every morning.

With love & blessings,
From me to you,





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