TarotScope 21-27 May 2018

I always look forward to Monday because I get to have a little glimpse into the coming week for everyone. I’ve started paying attention to not only my own TarotScope Sign but to those of my family and friends and it’s always interesting to look back at the week and to see how the TarotScope ties in.. Have you done that? Maybe go have a quick re-read of last week’s TarotScope and then sit and think about the week you had.

This week I’m using the Mystic Dreams Tarot. As you can see by the imagery, these cards are stunning. Beautiful modern pictures which still carry the ancient traditions of the Tarot. The pictures are so detailed and clean…

21 May 2018.PNG

Ok so let’s get straight into the messages the Tarot is giving us each this week:-

Aries: 5 of Swords tells you that this week you may find the high emotions of last week suddenly gone and you may be wondering if this means you won or if everyone just gave up. You may not see ‘victory’ very clearly. But that is ok, because this week you can focus on what is truly important and get on with what you need to be doing.

Taurus: 4 of Swords wants you to take it easy this week. Dont go rushing into anything unnecessarily. Rather “sleep on it” this week. Dont let anyone push you into making any commitments you are not 100% confident of. Give yourself a bit of time to just recoup and take it easy.

Gemini: The Lovers is telling you that there are other things to consider in life besides for relationships. Love is very important but not just the love of others around you, but Love of self! You may also find yourself needing to make a decision this week and this card is reminding you to consider all options (good and bad) and make a more informed decision – and one that brings balance of Yin/Yang energy into your life.

Cancer: 2 of Pentacles is an interesting card for you this week. It is urging you to keep balance in your life and most importantly – within your finances. Dont overspend and certainly don’t be overly generous. I know that’s hard because you are generous by nature, but focus on bringing balance into your life this week.

Leo: 5 of Wands often depicts battles and conflict but in an interesting way, because it’s often battle or conflict in general and not particular with you, at you or about you! So this week just be aware of the conflicts that are taking place around you and realise that you are not part of them. You do not need to fix them, get involved or anything. Just slowly step out of the firing line and you’ll see the situation diffuse itself in no time.

Virgo: Temperance is such a beautiful card. It’s a card of balance, peace, serenity and inner beauty. You have work to do and it doesn’t matter what is happening around you because the only thing you need to focus on is your job at hand. Be still, be peaceful and stay focused and you’ll find everything easier than you thought before.

Libra: 8 of Cups shows that you are ready to look beyond your current horizon. You are finding your current circumstances rather challenging and unfulfilling. Even though it may be scary, just know that this coming change is inevitable and you need to follow your heart and not your head.

Scorpio: The Magician is such a lovely card. It reminds us that we are perfect and that we have everything we need to achieve whatever we want from life. Often we get stuck in the pattern of learning, of doing, of experiencing, that we forget what we were actually working towards. This week you are reminded of the bigger picture. Reminded of why you set out to do whatever you are doing and that you are ready for greatness!

Sagittarius: 7 of Swords is always an interesting card. It shows that we have something we need to do and that we haven’t really given it enough thought. We’ve just started doing and we’re now at a point when we are realising that the objective may be a bit more challenging than we thought. We didn’t think it through very well and now we are facing some challenges. This card is also reminding you that taking some time to think and plan before action would do you well right now.

Capricorn: The Hierophant reminds us that answers are available when we seek them. It’s telling us that we are always the student and the teacher and its our duty to learn, grow and then share and teach what we know. Dont over complicate the knowledge and understanding you have because actually everything is rather simple. Simple is better for you right now.

Aquarius: 3 of Wands talks of a decision taken and possible panic that may have settled in related to the decision. But you are urged to not allow the panic to settle because you’ve done good. Your decision was a good one and it will work out for you – just be a little patient. So this week, if you find yourself making a decision without having all the facts, trust in yourself, trust in your own inner intuition and it will all work out well.

Pisces: 8 of Wands tells you that you are ready and waiting for something to happen… The wheels have been set in motion and all you need to do is wait. Wait for the right moment and when it presents itself, you can leap into action and enjoy all that the opportunity brings to you. Success is yours if you practice a little bit of trust, faith and patience.

As always, its my absolute pleasure to do this TarotScope for you. Next Monday I’ll do another and in the meantime, connect with me on Social Media for daily 30 second Tarot bites with guidance and inspiration to help you navigate this journey called LIFE.

With love & blessings,
from me to you,

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