TarotScope 7-13 May 2018

Weekly TarotScope

Have you also noticed how time is just speeding up? Gosh I just don’t seem to have enough time in a day to get through half of the things I need/want to. If anyone knows of a way to double the hours in a day – please let me know….

Ok, so this week is a busy week for me and I’m sure it’s the same for all of you as well. My diary is full for this week and most of next week which is amazing… But what isn’t so amazing is the bathroom renovations.. We are at least onto the 3rd week and things are looking promising.. So soon my office will be dust free and I’ll have a beautiful new bathroom again!


Ok, enough of that.. Lets get straight onto this week’s TarotScopes. This week I’m using the Sirian Starseed Tarot which is definitely one of my favourites. Its imagery is clear, modern and really gentle…

Ok so lets look at each sign of the Zodiac and lets see what energies we have to deal with this week:-


Aries This is a good week to get busy with projects and things you’ve put off for a while now. You have everything you need to effect the desired outcome. Jump in and just do it.
Taurus Take time to reflect on all you’ve done, achieved, experienced recently. Focus on you for a short while before you embark on your next adventure. Take time to see what you could have done better so you learn for the future.
Gemini An exciting time to be a Gemini because there is something new in the works for you that promises to yield material gain and success for you. Be patient and go about your daily business with an excitement in your soul. All will be revealed in time.
Cancer Take a long slow look at your life and those around you. What do you see that you like or that you don’t like? You have a new perception or a new way of looking at life. Take notice of this as well as all the new ideas that are running through your mind.
Leo Be proud of all your achievements. Take stock of them all this week. Your hard work and dedication is paying off and there are rewards for you.  Follow your dreams and dream big – you’ve got this!
Virgo A week filled with optimism and beauty. Where are you headed, where are you going? Are you following a light and is it shining brightly or have you lost your way a bit? Get on track with the path you’re following and all will be well in your world.
Libra So many great things in the works for you this week. The light is shining down upon you, bask in it and celebrate all that is well in your world. Obstacles are behind you and your road is clear and bright. It’s a glorious new day/week, full of awesome potential for success.
Scorpio You are urged to look at your life, your beliefs, your expectations and ask yourself if what you are chasing is really important in the bigger scheme of things? Are you focusing too hard on money and material possessions that you’ve neglected your true self and your true happiness? It’s time to align your life with your truth!
Sagittarius It’s a good time to celebrate, celebrate life and all its glorious abundance. Your home and your family are truly important and you can celebrate them and the love you share. You are well-loved!
Capricorn Do you feel as if the doors & walls are closing in around you? Are you feeling stuck, trapped, and like there is no escape? Don’t panic, just realise that the universe wants a better life for you and is helping to remove all that no longer serves you… and you will have perfect opportunity to rebuild, recreate and start over again! This is good!
Aquarius Nurture and love those closest to you. Recognise how love, protection, nurturing and mentoring are the keys to strengthening and building relationships. Look after those around you and take out to nurture yourself.
Pisces You may find yourself trying desperately to understand relationships and the people in your life this week. There is still much to learn and the most important aspect is that not everyone is the same. See, understand and accept the differences between everyone and that is what makes your world a beautiful place.

With love & an abundance of blessings,
From me to you,

2 thoughts on “TarotScope 7-13 May 2018

  1. Thank you Renee, things are coming together slowly and I am working on it. Sending you lots of love, Heather Smalberger

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