TarotScope 23-29 April 2018

Weekly TarotScope

And its Monday again, and another week is upon us… For those of you here in South Africa it’s a short week – YAY!!! Friday is Freedom Day and then next week is a short one too. I hope you are planning to spend the holidays in a way that truly feeds your heart & soul – I know I am!

This coming week is going to be a bit challenging for me as I have construction happening at home which means NOISE, DUST and CHAOS – 3 things I really don’t cope with! So please send lots of positive loving energy my way.

This coming Saturday (28th April), I am hosting a Pendulum Workshop at Golden Light Healing & Meditation Centre. I’m so excited about this workshop because its fun, practical and full of insight and growth for everyone who attends. You can find out more about it here {{Practical Pendulum Workshop}}

Please feel free to leave a comment below letting me know how you relate to your TarotScope for the week šŸ˜‰

Right… So let’s get straight into this week’s TarotScope:-


AriesĀ (Self-assertive, strong): Take time to acknowledge the space you are in currently and realise that it is temporary. You are undergoing transformation and change, don’t resist it or fight against it. Just go with it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

TaurusĀ (Patient, consistent): Understand that we are all made of Good & Bad but this doesn’t mean that you are only one or the other. This week you need to focus on both aspects of yourself and try to bring balance, harmony and peace into your world. You can recreate your own destiny by being aware of all aspects of yourself.

GeminiĀ (Versatile, adaptable): You are in a beautiful place, a place of beauty, abundance and many blessings. Look around you and see all that is around you. Welcome the goodness into your life and spread your joy around for those nearest to you.

CancerĀ (Emotional, romantic): Take time this week to go within. Focus on the little spark of light deep within your heart and soul. Meditate on all that is happening around you at the moment and allow yourself to just observe. There is no need to get involved or to make changes, just observe.

LeoĀ (Loyal, faithful): Very few people know the true meaning of Love. Most think of love in terms of sex, but it’s so much more than that. Love is unconditional, forgiving and full of trust. Are you lacking any of these qualities in your life? If you are, learn to love yourself unconditionally and you will see what is truly important in your life right now.

VirgoĀ (Helpful, service): Everyone wants to be a better person – more loving, kind, caring and even more aware. But we are often too hard on ourselves and too critical and get locked in to a cycle of despair. You are perfect just as you are right now! Learn from your mistakes and move on with confidence, dont keep going over the same lessons again and again.

LibraĀ (Pleasing, fair-minded): Its time to look around you to notice all those who bring you lessons, teachings, understandings and compassion. Notice as well, how much you inspire, teach and guide those around you. This is a week of lessons, learning and understanding – both giving and receiving. Be open to it.

ScorpioĀ (Passionate, intense): This is the dawn of a new understanding. Realising that you are not trapped, but you are free and you can fly whenever you want to. You are not trapped, restricted or caged, you are a divine being, a being of light and you are free to explore and free to experience.

SagittariusĀ (Outgoing, optimistic): What has come to an end in your life? What no longer serves you and what are you ready to Let Go of? It could be a job, a relationship, a habit or anything that might have helped you to define who you are – it is time to let go of it, allowing any sadness but not trying to hold on to it. There is something special waiting for you as soon as you let go!

CapricornĀ (Conservative, formal): It is time to take a look at yourself (your reflection in the mirror), and make a move to break out of whatever you have been conditioned by others to believe about yourself. You are not what others are trying to make you into, you are your own amazing individual, full of potential and promise!Ā  Dance, run, jog or do anything – whatever is needed to wake the sleeping lion within.

AquariusĀ (Humanitarian, original): Are you living in a world of ‘what-if’? Its time to realise this and to see that there is another whole reality awaiting you. It is time that you changed your perception of your own reality and moved towards a reality that is closer to your truth. All possibilities are actually possible, if you just believe!

PiscesĀ (Sensitive, empathetic): Spend time this week being aware of your world. Are you allowing yourself to be truly happy or are you feeling out of sorts? Be sure to take time to savour the life you have so that you can get the most out of it. Sometimes a simple act of going outside to look at the stars is all that is needed to put our lives into perspective again.



Thank you for allowing me to offer you some guidance and inspiration this week. I look forward to interacting with you all during the week. Take care and remember, you are not alone, Iā€™m here for each of you!

With love & blessings,
From me to you,

One thought on “TarotScope 23-29 April 2018

  1. Thank you Rene . I have a problem that I have been dealing with for 2 years now and I know that I just have to believe . I need reminding sometimes Thank you.You are a darling xxxx

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