TarotScope 16-22 April 2018

Weekly TarotScope.pngIts been an interesting few days and I cannot believe how quickly time seems to be moving. I just always seem to be behind schedule and I always seem to have too much to do. There is definitely an interesting outlook for this week with lots of introspection, hard work and rewards for us all!!

I’m busy putting the finishing touches to my upcoming Pendulum workshop. Its going to be loads of fun and there is still a few spots left if you are interested in joining us.  Click here for more information

Lets see what the coming week has in store for us all :-


I quite like doing these for each Zodiac Sign because I think it makes it feel more personal for each of you, and it also gives you a chance to look it up for your partner, spouse, child, parent, friend or foe (wink wink). So this week I thought I’d include a few keywords describing each of the zodiac signs.

Aries (Self-assertive, strong): Are you feeling a little bit sorry for yourself? Are you sitting and pondering life wondering why you dont have whatever it is you want? Maybe you need to let go of circumstances around you and its time to move onto something better? Dont let your past determine your future! You are not who your circumstances portray you to be.

Taurus (Patient, consistent): Do you feel like you are riding a unicycle while juggling all that life is throwing at you? If you are, then maybe its telling you that you are dealing with too much right now. Instead of trying to do it all, why dont you slow down and take the time to master one thing at a time.

Gemini (Versatile, adaptable): You’ve done so much and you’ve come so far but you are feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Dont focus on how exhausted you are, focus rather on the fact that you’ve almost reached your destination. Success and happiness is right there for you.

Cancer (Emotional, romantic): You are in a good place this week. You have everything organised and everything where it needs to be. You are ready to achieve great things this week. You have everything you need so go forward with courage and strength!

Leo (Loyal, faithful): You are working towards something big and you may need to cut a few corners. Dont feel guilty about doing it because its all part of the bigger plan. Take the time needed to do whatever is required (without breaking the law  😉 ). Success and victory is yours.

Virgo (Helpful, service): So many people are being demanding of your time and energy. Take time to sit and listen to your inner voice (your intuition) as it is perfectly intune with your current circumstances and you are being guided correctly. Trust yourself this week.

Libra (Pleasing, fair-minded): Sometimes you think too much and sometimes you think too little… This week you need to trust in yourself, your circumstances and in your gut instinct. Pay attention to all that is going on around and know that you are about to embark on an exciting journey of success and happiness.

Scorpio (Passionate, intense): Things are looking a bit difficult at the moment and you may be facing many challenges. You are thinking back to a time when things were easier and simpler, and you may even be comparing THEN to NOW. You were different then to who you are now so you cant really do a proper comparison. But know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Sagittarius (Outgoing, optimistic): Its important that you take time out of your busy schedule to celebrate all that is good in your life right now. Acknowledge all the people who have contributed to your current success and even give yourself a pat on the back. You are surrounded by those who love you and you need to celebrate this!

Capricorn (Conservative, formal): So many people look up at you and admire you. You may even find that everyone wants some of your time this week. Dont hold back, share yourself with the world and you will be greatly rewarded.

Aquarius (Humanitarian, original): Sometimes you just have to put your head down and get on with the job at hand. Pay attention to your dreams and dont ever lose focus. Keep moving towards your goals because you are closer than you think.

Pisces (Sensitive, empathetic): All the hard work of the past is starting to pay off. You will see things happening for you this week. Dont be too busy to notice. Take time to look up from your work this week and enjoy the rewards being offered.


Thank you for allowing me to offer you some guidance and inspiration this week. I look forward to interacting with you all during the week. Take care and remember, you are not alone, I’m here for each of you!

With love & blessings,
From me to you,

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