TarotScope 26 Mar – 1 Apr 2018

We are officially in a new Season and with that comes many exciting opportunity for change and improvement on our current circumstances. Are you happy with where 2018 is taking you? Are you content with your current circumstances? Are you happy, fulfilled and enthusiastic?

If you answered NO to any of those questions, then its not too late… You still have time to adjust your current path, restrategise your plan and get yourself on track for an amazing 2018! We are only 3 months down and there’s a whole lot more to come.

This week our TarotScope will be following with the Zodiac theme I started last week but I will be giving a bit more message for each card, so please share your thoughts with me.

I will also be starting a weekly ‘Pick-a-Card’ which will be on Thursday so remember to check my Facebook Page then.

Here are your individual Zodiac TarotScope’s for the coming week:-





 17.jpgDon’t be in too much of a rush this week. Be patient and gentle with yourself and with those around you, and remember to recharge your batteries before you jump into action. Your patience will be rewarded.  W10Your load is heavy and you’re feeling emotionally and physically drained. Don’t give up, don’t stop, just keep pushing because victory and success are literally a few steps away. It will be worth it!  C5.jpgThings don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes things go wrong… But sometimes when it seems like everything is not working out as it should, it actually is! Before you get too upset, look at the situation from a different perspective and see that its actually ok.  P3.jpg You have achieved so much and you can be proud of these achievements. Take time and allow those around you to acknowledge your gifts and achievements. All your hard work and past efforts are finally paying off.






Take a break and tell yourself that it will do you good. Dont take a break and feel guilty because then it wont serve its purpose. You are exhausted and taking 5 minutes for yourself will do you good right now.


You dont always have to be the ‘nice’ guy… What is important for you right now is success and maybe even teaching someone a lesson. Just because you are successful – doesn’t mean you are a bad or horrible person. Its your turn to be number 1 for a change.


You are surrounded by victory and success this week. Use these energies, be bold and courageous and you may just surprise yourself at the outcome. You deserve the success that is coming your way.


Its time to change your thoughts and belief’s about money and material possessions. Why do you believe you are not worthy or that having money makes you a horrible person? You deserve to have enough and you can have it – just believe that you deserve it and it will come your way.






This is a good time to take that trip! Its a good time for a fresh start and a new beginning. Dont worry about the minor details – they will sort themselves out this week. You just focus on making the change that is necessary and leave the rest up to the universe.


You are so tired, your body, mind and soul are exhausted. Take time out this week for some much needed rest and some good meditation. Take note of your sleeping patterns – you’ll see what I mean. You need to unwind and destress!


Have you always done things the same way and always gotten the same results? Is this boring you? If so, why dont you try looking at your life from a different perspective and you may just surprise yourself and see things you would have normally missed.


Your mind is so sharp and quick. Be careful that this doesn’t get you into a spot of trouble. Pay attention to your thoughts about others and make sure that they mirror your intentions if you want to stay out of trouble this week.

This weeks messages certainly seem to carry a common thread which shows you what kind of energies we are all dealing with at the moment. Bare this in mind when you find yourself dealing with others and who knows, you may just surprise yourself at the outcome.

If you need any assistance this week, remember I’m here to help.

Have a beautiful, relaxed, successful and happy long weekend coming up and I look forward to connecting with you all again on Monday!

Blessings of love,
From me to you,

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