TarotScope 26 Feb – 4 March 2018

Can you believe its the end of February already? Gosh, I’m actually quite shocked at how fast things are happening… I say things because its not just time thats moving quickly – circumstances, situations and events are taking place so fast at the moment and we all need all the help we can get right now.

I started doing these TarotScopes weekly but have now taken to doing this post weekly but I’m doing mini TarotScopes daily which I post as a Whatsapp status, Instagram Post and onto my Facebook page each day – so please look out for them as well.

This week’s cards:


Participation: This card is telling us that we each have a role to play right now. We each have something to contribute to the ‘whole’ and it doesn’t matter how much we have, it is enough and actually it is just the piece this missing from the whole. Dont ever think you have been forgotten or that you are not important enough because the truth is, YOU MATTER! What you do matters! Your contribution and participation matters! It really does!!

Experiencing: Sometimes participating isn’t enough – sometimes we need to experience! So what are you experiencing right now? What is the universe asking you to participate in and experience right now? Dont hold back, be like the lady in the card and dont just look at the tree, really experince it! Connect with it on a level you’ve not connected on before and truely experience the moment! No judgement, no expectations, nothing! Just in the moment, honest and true experience!

The Creator: This card shows us that it is possible to learn how to harness destructive forces, and doing so brings about an inner peace, an inner knowing, like nothing else you have ever achieved. He is offering you this gift right now. The creator is also reminding us that anything we undertake at this time, will bring success and happiness to us – as long as we do it with the understanding that comes from a place of pure love!

Message for the Week

So looking at the individual cards above, it is clear that this week is a week of emotion! Its a week where we each need to express, feel, create and most importantly, participate! We cannot sit back and wait for our turn – our turn is here and its now! Participate fully in everything you do, and experience it like you’ve never experienced anything before. Be 100% present and involved and you will enjoy success beyond your expectations and there will be huge rewards for you in that experience.

With love and an abundance of blessings,
From me to you,


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