TarotScope 19 – 25 Feb 2018

So I realised I didn’t actually do a TarotScope last week so I thought I’d make it up to you by doing something extra special for this week.

osho-zen-tarot.jpgI have been getting back into my Tarot cards recently and placed an order for a few new decks last week. This morning the courier arrived with my parcel (huge excitement) and that’s why I thought I would use these TarotScopes to help me get familiar with my new cards.

Just for those who don’t know, I’ve been drawing a card a day and have been posting on Whatsapp as my status. I then started sharing this same post onto my Instagram and Facebook accounts so actually its like a mini TarotScope every day. I will continue doing these short little messages each day but I’ll be doing them with my new cards so please make sure you connect with me on any of those mediums should you wish to see these inspirational messages.

Ok, so let’s get onto this week…. So as you can see above, my first new deck is the Osho Zen Tarot Deck. It’s certainly rather different from a traditional Tarot Deck and its imagery is amazing.

This week’s cards are:-


Integration: Here we see the joining of interesting and sometimes opposite forces. We can clearly see the Yin/Yang symbol and so many other symbols of opposites. This card is telling us that its time for us to unite the opposite ends of ourselves and to recognise that we have both good and bad within us. We can be both KIND and UNKIND, Loving and Cruel and it is these different facets of our beings which make us so wonderful and amazing. Stop trying to be only kind, loving, caring etc… You always have to be complete, whole, total, and this is only possible with equal forces of all qualities. Recognise your true self, learn to love and accept your true self and be ok with all of who you are!

Maturity: Now isn’t this card just extraordinarily beautiful. So peaceful, serene, gentle, loving and so kind. The colours are exquisite and the imagery just so amazing. The first thing that stands out for me is the glow around the figure, it’s almost like she is glowing from the inside out. She’s filled with beautiful perfect flowers who are proudly showing off their beauty. This card is a gift. A gift for hard work done in the past and a reminder of all the good you’ve done. Success and good fortune are yours – enjoy it!

Friendliness: Two gorgeous but different trees standing next to each other almost as if they are joined together through their branches. You can’t really see where the one tree starts and the other tree ends. Even though they stand so separate, they are still so connected – literally! Even though they are so different from each other, they are quite comfortable to be together. And that is the meaning of this card, it’s telling us that we can accept others even if they are different to us and in doing so, we are learning how to accept and love – unconditionally.

So to bring the 3 cards together:-

This week we need to realise that it doesn’t matter how similar, opposite, or alike we each are, or how far our scale leans regarding our Good/Bad meter – we are perfect in our own way. We need to accept ourselves – and others – just as we are with no expectation or demands. Doing this will bring about good fortune and success, and will allow us to co-exist better with our best (and worst) friends, families, or even our worst enemies.

Thank you for taking the time to read my TarotScope and I truly hope you got something out of it to help you during the coming week. But whatever you do, please just be gentle with yourself… If you need assistance, guidance, help with life direction, closure or anything else – you know where to find me!!

With Love & Blessings,
From ME to YOU,

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