TarotScope 5-11 Feb 2018

20180205.pngDid you all survive the amazing Full Moon we had last week? If you found it difficult, dont worry – so did I! But… Things are improving and getting easier for us this week.

This week I’m using my favourite TarotScope Deck and as always, it hasn’t let me down. This week we have two amazing cards that are giving us amazing guidance.

Higher Self is telling us that we need to pay attention to our own subconscious. We need to delve deeper into our own minds to truly understand what it is that we want and need in our lives right now! We need to listen to our own inner wisdom and we need to trust that the universe has our back. Its so important that we remove all judgement when we think about ourselves. That is one area we are all bad with – self critism. Its so important that we learn how to accept and love ourselves!

The 8 of Crystals confirms that we will overcome any self doubt and self critism and when we do, good things will come our way. Its confirming that all our hard work of the last few weeks is about to pay off and soon you will be enjoying the fruits of your labour. So its really important that you dont give up too easily.

Stay focused, stay kind to yourself, and let the universe reward you for all your hard work. Good news is possible this week.

With love & blessings,
From me to you,

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