TarotScope 22 Jan 2018


Oh wow, we certainly are being given an interesting message from spirit this week. We have 2 major arcana cards which are both quite powerful with their messages.

The Hanging Man is telling us to look at life from a different perspective. Its telling us that we need to stop what we doing, pause, reflect, adjust our position and then relook again BEFORE we jump into action. When we face life’s challenges from the same view point, we will never be able to see possibilities and solutions. Sometimes all it takes is one step to the side to see a whole new take on the situation.  Sometimes we need to tackle things in a different way too. For example: lets pretend to make a cup of coffee… A simple task that we all do yet how many of us taste our coffee and are not entirely happy with the flavour? How many of you prefer the way someone else makes your coffee or you dont like the way someone else makes your coffee? Now surely we all make it with the same ingredients? Coffee, sugar (optional), water & milk (optional)… But the order, the quantity and the timing of adding these ingredients changes how the final outcome… Yes its still coffee but it could be a good cup or a really bad cup!!!

Transition is telling us that its time to change. Its time to let go of all that no longer serves us and its time to move towards new and better. No more holding onto patterns, beliefs and understandings that are no longer serving you any positive purpose. I know letting go of the familiar can be frightening but you need to dig deep to find your courage because actually, once you’ve taken that first step towards a new future, its going to be easier than you think! Success and happiness are one change away! Dont be afraid!!!

So to wrap up this week’s TarotScope:- its time to look at things differently, do things differently and you’ll enjoy different/better/more positive results! Its time to let go of the past and to change your reality….


Today is also my son’s 12th birthday and this message is particular true for me to. As much as he’s still a young boy, he’s actually transitioning into a man… His personality, his voice, his body are all changing and I’m reminded today that I must treat him as a young man and not a child anymore… I need to look at how I ‘mother’ him and realise that he’s not the same anymore therefore my mothering needs to be different. Time to let go of the old and welcome in the new!

Until next week,


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