TarotScope 4 – 10 Dec 2017




We are officially in the home stretch of 2017 and with this comes this urgency to make sure we’ve done everything we needed to, and have finished off all the things we started so everyone is experiencing a little bit of panic at the moment.

The cards this week remind us that we dont need to reinvent the wheel, we dont need to be anything we are not. What we need to do is get a new perspective on who we are, what we’ve done and who we did it with and then just reflect… pause and reflect… And when we do this, we’ll see that actually we’ve done pretty darn well this year! So try not be too hard on yourself… Recognise all that you’ve achieved and stand proud for a minute.

Dont feel as if the walls are closing in on you, and dont feel like you just want to give in… During the pause moment (mentioned above), you will realise that you are not under attack, but actually you are being guided, protected and healed. It is important to spend a few moments daily just being in the present moment, this allows your body, mind & spirit to calm, rejuvinate and bring balance to itself.

So with that said… Here is a gentle, simple and effective meditation that you can do as often as you need to:-

With love and blessings until next week,

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