TarotScope 20-26 Nov 2017


This week we have the opportunity to transmute! Transmute means change/modify/adapt/modify – with intention!!! With focused intent, you can change your reality into anything! If you are focusing on the things going wrong in your life, your intent is exactly there. You need to bring your focus onto the amazing possibilities that are in front of you right now and use your powers of transmutation to bring those possibilities into your reality… The transmutation part is easy… The focusing on the amazing possibilities isn’t so much, which is why you are urged to become even more aware of your thoughts, even more mindful of what you are thinking about, speaking about, focusing on etc and make sure that the words and thoughts equal the reality you want for yourself.

And then the Lovers card this week reminds us how important it is to LOVE! Love self and to love others. And lets not forget that its not only about giving but its also about receiving. I know that we all find it easier to give than to receive. When we give, we are in control, we are aware and there are no surprises but when we receive, we dont always know exactly what is coming our way and we immediately become fearful. Lets not be fearful, lets give and receive love with open arms, clear hearts and with an intent to change the world – one person at a time!

So to bring the two cards together… This week, you need to be aware of your thoughts, words, intentions and beliefs and if they are not on par with the reality you want for yourself right now, change them and you can do this by learning how to give & receive love – UNCONDITIONAL, UNWAIVERING LOVE! Love of self, love of others and love of circumstances and situations. Be awesome, amazing, and happy – you deserve that!!

Until next week, be safe and be happy

Rene xx

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