TarotScope 13-19 Nov 2017


First up let me just apologise for not uploading a TarotScope last week. I did it – I prepared it… but for some reason it never actually got uploaded. I have no excuse other than being busy 😉

This week will make up for that because we certainly have interesting energies coming through. This week our faith is being challenged. Our faith in SELF, OTHERS and the UNIVERSE! There are many new energies that will be coming forward for each of us and we are going to trust that it is all part of the bigger picture. Trust that the universe knows what is best for us right now and just go with the flow. Try not be too stubborn and try not resist too much.

Take time to be innocent, and not dwell on the big picture too much. Its time to be child-like and take time out to play and to enjoy every single moment that you have. Childen never over think and one thing they do very well is TRUST… Children never worry about their next meal, if their clothes are clean or anything – they trust that those things are taken care of by the adults and they focus on whatever they are doing at that very minute.

This is the energy you need to carry with you for this week. Whatever you are currently doing, do it well, with fun, happiness and above all else – faith! Trust that everything will work out exactly as it needs to this week and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to, and remember to take time out to have fun and to enjoy the moment you have been blessed with!

Until next week,

Rene xx


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