TarotScope 30 Oct – 5 Nov 2017


Things are certainly getting interesting at the moment. Its quite clear that we are all needing to focus our energies, plan our strategies and somehow inbetween all of this, we need to stay focused.

But this weeks cards also show that we dont have to panic and worry too much because success and celebration are possible.

Ok, so lets explore this a bit more. This week we need to see, recognise and acknowledge that we have achieved a fair amount. This could be with your career, emotions, physical, mental or any aspect of your life. You are urged to see how much you have accumulated, grown and learnt and be honest with yourself. See the truth and dont be too hard on yoruself.  You also need to understand that holding on too tightly to our ‘stuff’ could actually be the problem. As much as we need to ‘own’ our stuff, we must not let holding onto it dictate our circumstances and reality. You are not defined by your ‘stuff’ and you should not let it have such a control over you. Rather, acknowledge it for what it is, and celebrate your successes but dont become too obsessed and focused on the possessions.

You really need to take 5 minutes each day to recognise your successes and celebrate them. Its time to pat yourself on your pack for all the good that you have achieved. Be proud of your accomplishments and in doing so, you’ll attract more of the same.

Have a good week, be real, have fun and most of all, be happy!!

With love & abundant blessings,

Rene xx

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