TarotScope 23-29 Oct 2017

Hard work will pay off if you focus and TRY!

We have interesting energies this week. Spirit are saying that its time to push the limits, time to plan, strategise and focus on an end goal.

The Seeker of Flames is saying that you must not be careless in your efforts this week. Focus on what you want to achieve, set goals and constantly remind yourself of your objectives. Dont be overconfident but at the same time, dont be lazy either 😉 This is a week of hard work but it will pay off….

The Three of Crystals is confirming that if you stay focused and work hard, your efforts will be rewarded. Your hard work WILL pay off and you will receive your reward. But, only if you put in the effort. You are not allowed to complain at the end of the week that things didn’t go according to plan if you didn’t pitch up and put the effort in.

I know we are all afraid of failure and this fear often so big that we would rather not try in case we fail. But Spirit are saying that living our lives this way, is actually worse than failure itself. Not trying, not pushing the boundaries and not evolving, growing and learning is the failure. Trying, and eventually succeeding is what life is all about. That is when true growth happens and when we evolve as we were meant to.

With love and blessings for a busy, successful and powerful week. And please remember, if you need some help and guidance on how to live a successful, happy and content life, I’m here to help you. Just contact me for a booking and together we will turn your life around!!

Rene xx


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